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The Official
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Don't be put off by the age of a Tinker - if looked after they can last forever!

Tinkers are no longer being manufactured, so a good place to get one is here!


Caveat Emptor - verify before you buy.

For Sale
Tinker Super Tramp Sailing Rig
£150 o.v.n.o.
Frinton on Sea, Essex.
(ad placed 25/07/2021)
Full Tinker Super Tramp sailng rig, comprising:
  • Oars
  • Mast
  • Boom with kicking strap
  • Mast Support
  • Bulkhead
  • Rudder with tiller extension
  • Daggerboard
  • Sails
I don't think these have been ever used - the mast is like new as are all the other bits.

Price £150 o.v.n.o.

email  Paul Downie
Mob: 07843 889400
  Paul Downie 01
Paul Downie 02

For Sale
Tinker Traveller
£425 o.n.o.
Ringwood, Hampshire.
(ad placed 12/07/2021)
Classic sailing Tinker Traveller, believed to be manufactured in 1992 but the sail number is not known.  Comes with full sailing rig, and the transom has been strengthened to take an outboard.

The sails have hardly been used.  Comes with oars, rowlocks, rudder, daggerboard, pump and folding trolley.

Price £425 o.n.o.  Buyer collects from Ringwood, Hampshire.

email  Paul Windsor
Mob: 07715 564175
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For Sale
Tinker Star Traveller
Wheaton Aston, Staffordshire
(ad updated 11/07/2021)
Tinker Traveller 5482.  All equipment as shown in photos.  Requires repair to two holes.   Professional repair estimated at £80.

Further info or photos on request.

Price £425.

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For Sale
Tinker Traveller
Poole, Dorset
(ad placed 28/06/2021)
Tinker Traveller, sail number 5626, manufactured in June 1995.  Built by Alyn McQuoid.

Hull Identification Number JMHGB5626F095.

Hardly used and in very good condition, with no patches or repairs.

  • 3 section aluminium mast with all rigging and aluminium boom
  • Standard jib and main sails
  • Daggerboard
  • Push/twist air valves
  • Rudder
  • Wooden oars
  • Pump
  • Repair kit tube (patches)
  • Separate bags for boat, rig, sails though possibly not originals
Please email for further information or more pictures.

Price £750.

  Jon White 01
Jon White 02
Jon White 04
Jon White 05

For Sale
Tinker Star Traveller
£400 o.n.o.
Whitby, North Yorkshire
(ad placed 19/06/2021)
Classic Tinker Star Traveller, sail number 1540.  The boat was built by Andrew Butt in the late 1980's.  A good friend owned the boat from new.  I have owned it for four years and used it infrequently.

It has all the usual bits and bobs including the furling headsail. There have been two repairs over the years as shown in the photographs.  The air valves are the push button type.  Holds air well.

I live in Whitby but could deliver to other locations this summer - please ask.

Price £400 o.n.o.

email  David Claughton
Mob: 07754 783567
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For Sale
Tinker Sails
£75 incl. postage
(ad placed 19/06/2021)
Unused Tinker sails.

Price £75 including postage.

email  Austyn Follett
Mob: 07815 299390
  Austyn Follett 01
Austyn Follett 02

For Sale
Tinker Tramp
Portchester, Hampshire
(ad placed 14/06/2021)
Classic Tinker Tramp, sail number 1087.  Not sure of its age.  Comes complete with oars, sails, tracked mast, boom, pump & rudder etc.  No repairs & stays inflated.

Previously used as a tender.  I don't think it has ever been sailed!!

Price £650.

  Andy Eades 01
Andy Eades 02
Andy Eades 03

For Sale
Tinker Funsail
(boat only)
Sidcup, Kent
(ad placed 14/06/2021)
Tinker Funsail (boat only), built by Jeff Napper, good condition.

Perfect tender.

Pump and set of oars included.  The boat is not in original bag.

Please telephone if you require further information or more photographs.

Price £450.

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Kevin Giddings 1 02
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For Sale
Tinker Tramp
Sidcup, Kent
(ad placed 14/06/2021)
Late model Tinker Tramp, sail number 7548, built by Jeff Napper, in very good condition.

Comes with 3 piece mast with mast bag, daggerboard, rudder, boom, all rigging, Sanders Sails mainsail and jib.

Please note that no pump nor oars are included and the boat is not in original bag.

Complete and ready to sail.

Please telephone if you require further information or more photographs.

Price £675.

  Kevin Giddings 2 01
Kevin Giddings 2 02
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For Sale
Tinker Star Traveller
(ad placed 06/06/2021)
Tinker Star Traveller, sail number 6670, original accessories included as shown in pictures.  Also included is custom built launching trolley for taking the Tinker inflated or deflated down to the water.

Purchased in 2000 from Henshaw Inflatables in Somerset, and built by Alyn McQuoid.

Only used about 15 times over the years.

Please call if you would like any more information.

Price £750.

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For Sale
Tinker Star Traveller
£750 o.v.n.o.
North Walsham
or Brundall,
(ad updated 06/06/2021)
Tinker Star Traveller, sail number 2526.  Complete performance sailing kit with standard jib and mast head jib with roller reefing.  The standard jib is unused.

All Tinker original accessories including two oars, dagger board and a pump.  Comes with detachable wheels - two at the back and one at the front.  A few patches (repairs) but no leaks.

Please call for more information or to view.

Price £750 o.v.n.o.

Bernie Jones
Mob: 07770 587118
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For Sale
Tinker Traveller Sails,
Rudder, & Daggerboard
(ad placed 02/06/2021)
I have the following Tinker parts from a classic Tinker Traveller that have not been used for years.  Sleeved mainsail 1668 in reasonable shape.  The jib got very dirty whilst in storage.

Daggerboard and rudder/tiller in excellent condition.

Price £200, which includes postage within the UK.

  John Cooney 01
John Cooney 02
John Cooney 03
John Cooney 04
John Cooney 05

For Sale
Tinker Foldaway RIB
(ad placed 10/05/2021)
Tinker Foldaway RIB, sail number 6762, manufactured in 1999.  There are a few age related marks but overall good condition.

It comes with full set of sails in very good condition, hardly used oars, daggerboard, and rudder.

Everything ready to go, though the main carrying bag needs a bit of attention.  I can put it on a pallet if required, or pickup from Hereford.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any more information.

Price £850.

email  Paul Kenyon
Mob: 07399 883994
  Paul Kenyon 01
Paul Kenyon 02
Paul Kenyon 03

For Sale
Tinker Star Traveller
West Haddon, Northants.
(ad placed 25/04/2021)
New shape Tinker Star Traveller, sail number 7363, manufactured in 2002.  Sailed regularly until three years ago when old age started to catch up with me.

  • 3 part mast
  • Daggerboard
  • Mainsail
  • Large jib with furling gear
  • Small Jib
  • Rudder with tiller extension
  • Mast support beam
  • All rigging
  • Oars
  • Electric pump & battery
  • Foot pump
  • Launching trolley
  • Boat bag
  • Bag for everything else

Price £975.

  Alan Suttie 01

For Sale
Tinker Tramp
£495 o.n.o.
nr Chichester, West Sussex.
(ad placed 19/04/2021)
My classic Tinker Tramp has had one owner since new and comes with:
  • Life raft kit and drogue
  • original oars
  • rudder
  • dagger board
  • mast
  • boom
Unfortunately I can't locate the sails or rigging.

General condition is very good.  I have had the tubes pumped up for a few days and they seem fine.

Price £495 o.n.o.

  Kevin Dixon 01
Kevin Dixon 02
Kevin Dixon 03
Kevin Dixon 04
Kevin Dixon 05
Kevin Dixon 06

For Sale
Tinker Foldaway RIB
Sheringham, Norfolk.
(ad placed 11/04/2021)
Tinker Foldaway RIB, manufactured in 2001, sail number 7153.

Good condition.  No air leaks or patches.

Price £800.

  Ian Kime2 01
Ian Kime2 02
Ian Kime2 03
Ian Kime2 04
Ian Kime2 05
Ian Kime2 06
Ian Kime2 07

For Sale
Tinker Tramp
Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
(ad placed 10/04/2021)
Classic Tinker Tramp in very serviceable condition.  Built in 1989 by Andrew Butt, only one owner from new, last serviced professionally in December 2017 by Rib Repair (receipt available).

Stored under cover most of its life.  Hardware is all original, but not all the rigging.  Floor recently painted, oars varnished.  The outer chambers have the screw-in valves, the inner ones the newer push-button ones.

I have used her as a tender to various boats over 30+ years and am selling her because I have finally purchased a hard dinghy as my boat is further from the dinghy launching place.

The sails and sailing equipment have only ever been used a few times.  Jib is striped, the mainsail is red, both by Sanders of Lymington.

The photos were taken 5th April 2021.

Includes (all in good condition except where stated):
  • Tinker Tramp dinghy
  • Two oars with rowlocks
  • Painter
  • Flexible strut to brace bow canopy
  • Protective plates for outboard
  • Pump
  • Spare valves for outer chambers (these are old replaced ones, but good as spares)
  • Tiller
  • Daggerboard
  • Three-piece mast (one u-bolt needs riveting back on - see photo)
  • Boom
  • Red mainsail and striped jib & attachment ropes (cringles slightly corroded but not broken)
  • Three battens
  • Standing and running rigging, shackles, mainsail block (not all rigging is original)

I may be able to help with delivery in southern England by mutual agreement.

Price £425.

  William Bourne 01
William Bourne 02
William Bourne 03
William Bourne 04
William Bourne 05
William Bourne 06

For Sale
Tinker Tramp
£600 o.v.n.o.
Deal, Kent.
(ad placed 02/04/2021)
Classic Tinker Tramp in very serviceable condition.

It is the liferaft version though I no longer have the canopy.  However, the canopy fittings on the dinghy allowed me to fit a cross brace stiffener for the mast so it sails extremely well.

I also increased the width of the trolley axle to make it easier to cart.

The jib is almost new.  Both sails were made by Sanders Sails in Lymington.

The daggerboard and rudder must have been re-made before I bought it as they are in very nice condition.

She's ready to sail.

The photos were taken on 30th March 2021.

Price £600 o.v.n.o.

  Clive Metcalfe 01
Clive Metcalfe 02
Clive Metcalfe 03

For Sale
Tinker Tramp
£750 o.n.o.
Sheringham, Norfolk.
(ad placed 02/04/2021)
Tinker Tramp, year of manufacture 1992.  I am only the second owner having bought it in 2009.

Only used once, and in very good condition.

All the paper work is with the boat.

Price £750 o.n.o.

  Ian Kime 01
Ian Kime 02
Ian Kime 03
Ian Kime 04
Ian Kime 05
Ian Kime 06

For Sale
Tinker Sailing kit
(ad placed 02/04/2021)
Complete Tinker sailing kit.   It was used only a few times before the boat was stolen.  Dry stored ever since.

Has all rigging, sails, rudder, tiller, dagger board, 3 piece mast, and carrying case.

Price £250

  Steve Evans 01
Steve Evans 02
Steve Evans 03
Steve Evans 04

For Sale
Tinker Super Tramp
£1550 o.n.o.
South Manchester
(ad placed 02/04/2021)
Tinker Super Tramp, yellow, built in March 2007, sail number 7635, serial number GBJMH07635C707.

Comes with Declaration of Conformity and all receipts.

Includes the Performance Sailing Kit, with the larger jib, jib furling gear, tiller extension, and kicking strap.

Little used.

Price £1550 o.n.o.

  John Wilkinson 01
John Wilkinson 02
John Wilkinson 03
John Wilkinson 04
John Wilkinson 05
John Wilkinson 06

For Sale
Tinker Traveller
£750 o.n.o.
near Ilminster, Somerset
(ad placed 24/03/2021)
Tinker Traveller, year of manufacture 1996, sail No. 5931.  Hull Identification Number GJMH05931D696.

I have owned this for 4 or 5 years but only used it once in the Lake District.  I understand that the previous owner used it only occasionally as a tender.

It comes as shown in the photographs complete with sails, oars, daggerboard, rudder, 3-piece aluminum mast, boom, ropes, storage bags etc.

All in very good condition.

Viewing welcome near Ilminster, Somerset.

Price £750 o.n.o.

  Mark Dillon 01
Mark Dillon 02
Mark Dillon 03
Mark Dillon 04
Mark Dillon 05

For Sale
Tinker Star Traveller
£1325 o.v.n.o.
(ad placed 07/01/2021)
Tinker Star Traveller, red, sail number 4900, manufactured in 1993.  Original receipts.

I am the second owner, and the boat has not been used in the last 18 years.

She is in excellent condition with one small repair.  The hull has been stored in a hut and the sails etc stored in the house.

She comes with full sailing equipment including the performance sailing kit (mast head jib, bulkhead, kicking strap, tiller extension).  Also includes life raft canopy, survival kit, CO2 valves, drogue.  All carry and storage bags & all ropes, cords, and oars.

Price £1325 o.v.n.o.

  Linda Brown 01
Linda Brown 02
Linda Brown 03
Linda Brown 04
Linda Brown 05

For Sale
Tinker Tramp Sailing Kit
£150 o.n.o.
Life Raft Kit
£50 o.n.o.
Near Salisbury, Wiltshire
(ad placed 16/10/2020)
Complete Tinker Tramp sailing kit, sail number 2140.

Very little used.  I have owned the Tinker for about 10 years, and still use it as a tender, but have no use for the sailing rig.  It had never been used when I bought the boat, and I used it for about 3 years to teach my kids to sail.  Since then its been stored in an attic.  It is all complete except 2 battens missing from the mail sail.

All in good condition except for a couple of rust stains on the sails - all the original folds can still be seen in the sails.

I also have a life raft canopy which has hardly come out of its bag, plus gas cylinders.  There is also a drogue with all lines.

Price for the complete sailing kit - £150 o.n.o.

Price for the life raft canopy, drogue, and CO2 cylinders - £50 o.n.o.

  Chris Rowles 01
Chris Rowles 02
Chris Rowles 03
Chris Rowles 04
Chris Rowles 05
Chris Rowles 06
Chris Rowles 07

For Sale
Tinker Traveller
Exeter, Devon.
(ad placed 06/10/2020)
Classic Tinker Traveller, sail number 1879.

Good condition for its age.  Includes sails, mast, boom, oars, tiller, daggerboard, pump, owners manual, sail bags.  Will take 5-6 people, a small outboard (not included), and rolls up to fit in rear of car.

Any queries, please feel welcome to ask.

All funds received to be donated to charity (probably the RNLI).

Price £350.

  Gareth Evans 01
Gareth Evans 03
Gareth Evans 04
Gareth Evans 05
Gareth Evans 06
Gareth Evans 07

For Sale
Yamaha Outboard
Basildon, Essex.
(ad placed 06/08/2020)
Yamaha 2hp outboard in good working condition.  It was used with my recently sold Tinker Traveller.

Price £80.

Bernie Chamberlain
Tel: 07477 881359