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The Official
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Don't be put off by the age of a Tinker - if looked after they can last forever!

Tinkers are no longer being manufactured, so a good place to get one is here!


Caveat Emptor - verify before you buy.

For Sale
Tinker Foldaway RIB
£650 o.n.o.
Outboard £125 o.n.o.
or together as a
package £750
Near Canterbury, Kent.
(ad placed 08/10/2019)
Tinker Foldaway RIB ref. no. FR 6630 with full sailing kit.

This is a lightly used 1998 foldable RIB.  One owner throughout and very well maintained and stored and fully functional.

It comes with all the standard sailing gear (as in Henshaw's full specification) and with a number of useful extras.

These include:
  • custom made wheels/launching trolley (much better than the original fittings)
  • anchor
  • paddle (along with the original oars)
  • fitted bow dodger
  • tool box
  • life jackets (these are not guaranteed to be compliant with current standards)
  • boat and mast/spars bags
  • owner's manual.
This versatile and enjoyable RIB is useful and equipped for sailing (single handedly or with crew), rowing, motoring and/or acting as a tender.  When folded and in its cover is easy to transport in any medium sized hatchback or SUV.

Johnson 2.3 hp outboard, fully serviced and not used since.

Please contact me for more pictures.

Price Tinker Foldaway RIB £650 o.n.o., Johnson 2.3 h.p. outboard £125 o.n.o.

Price together as a package £750.

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For Sale
Tinker Tramp
£200 o.n.o.
New Milton, Hampshire.
(ad placed 05/09/2019)
Tinker Tramp, sail number 1756, purchased 20/11/1988.

Family tender since new but sadly forgotten since we gave up sailing and now suffering from neglect, not helped by the rodent population in our shed.   Some large holes, but I hope that someone can patch it up and give it a new life.

It comes with rudder, dagger board, mast and sail, and trolley wheels, all of which are fine, although you might have to improvise some fittings.

This is not a going concern in its current state (hence the low price) but would make a great repair and restore project for an enthusiast.

Price £200 o.n.o.

  Bernard Larking 01
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Bernard Larking 03
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For Sale
Tinker Traveller
& 4 hp outboard
Gloucester area
(ad placed 23/08/2019)
Tinker Traveller.  Comes with full sailing kit and 4 hp Evinrude outboard with fuel tank.

Boat is in good condition for year, has 2 patches but hold air fine no leaks.

Motor runs well just had new impeller and gear box oil changed.

Boat can be seen inflated on collection and motor seen running.

Price £POA.

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For Sale
Tinker Star Traveller
£850 o.v.n.o.
Not too far from
Norwich, Norfolk.
(ad placed 15/08/2019)
This 12ft Tinker Star Traveller is in superb, almost new condition.

I have had it from new, but it was only used twice.  It has been carefully stored, in dry conditions.  I have recently been having a clear out - and inflated, cleaned and checked the dinghy - and it is in excellent condition.

A real bargain that would be great fun for a young sailor and, judging from the Tinker Owners' Club, is quite collectible!

The 'Star' by the way, refers to a few features that are not found on the standard Tinker Traveller dinghies and that together comprise a performance sailing kit.  These include a mast head jib with furling gear, a removable mast support beam with kicker strap and jib sheet jamming cleats.
  • Can be rigged for sailing, rowing or motoring
  • Can be sailed single-handedly or with one or more crew
  • Easy to transport - deflated, the whole dinghy is easily compact enough to fit into a roof box, estate car or 4 x 4
  • Mast breaks down into sections - none longer than 1.8m (6ft)
  • Inflatable boat hull
  • Main sail
  • Jib
  • All ropes and cords
  • Oars
  • Tiller
  • Dagger board
  • Will take an outboard motor of up to 5hp
  • Recognised RYA class
Price £850 o.v.n.o.

  Alex Rowe 01
Alex Rowe 02
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For Sale
Tinker Tramp
£150 o.n.o.
Teddington, Middlesex.
(ad placed 10/08/2019)
Tinker Tramp.  Comes with full sailing kit and oars.  Carry bag for mast and oars.

Bought from JM Henshaw (Marine ltd).  Built by Steve Lovell.

Has been repaired in 2 places but is otherwise in good condition.  Was only used as a tender for a few years and has otherwise been stored inside.

Price £150 o.n.o.

  Kate Schofield 01
Kate Schofield 02
Kate Schofield 03

For Sale
Tinker Tramp (non-sailing)
(ad placed 08/08/2019)
Tinker Tramp in good condition complete with oars, pump and inflatable 'tent' cover (never used).

Hypalon construction, 4 chamber inflatable without any leaks.

Used as a tender and supplementary life raft on a sailing yacht.  Also used in Lake District for family days out.  When deflated, folds up small enough to fit in a medium sized car.

Price £200.

  Steve Taylor 03
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For Sale
Tinker Funsail
(no sailing gear)
£150 o.n.o.
(ad placed 18/07/2019)
Tinker Funsail, HIN (Hull Identification Number) GBJMH05792A696, without sailing gear.  Bought from 1996 London Boat Show and used as our boat tender.  Not used in the last 7 years, and always kept undercover when not in use.

In excellent condition complete with oars and footpump.  We have all original documentation.

Price £150 o.n.o.

  Keith Holton 01
Keith Holton 02

For Sale
Tinker Tramp
£800 o.v.n.o.
Dukinfield, Cheshire.
(ad placed 18/07/2019)
Sail number 2073.  Comes with full sailing kit, 3 part mast (foam filled), sails, boom, oars with rowlocks, pump, rudder, dagger board, rigging and masthead tell tale.  Carry bag for mast and oars.  Launch trolley.

Bought new from J.M.Henshaw (Marine Ltd).  Built by Alyn McQuoid.

Double tubes on both sides hold pressure with no leaks.

The repair kit is unused.

All varnish is original.  Has been stored inside the house and is so little used, it is virtually as new.

There can't be many in this condition.

Price £800 o.v.n.o.

email  Graham May
Mob: 07773 935442
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Graham May 08

For Sale
Bag of Tinker spares
(ad placed 01/07/2019)
Bag of tinker spares.

Centreboard, mast and boom sections and what I think is part of a dodger support.

No rudder or sails.

Collection Inverkip or can post at buyers cost.

Price £Offers.

email  Craig Corson
Mob: 07770 995381
  Craig Corson 01
Craig Corson 02

For Sale
Tinker Traveller
£1500 o.n.o.
£450 o.n.o.
(ad placed 03/06/2019)
Tinker Traveller, Sail number 7383, purchased in 2003.  Red with multi coloured sails.

Boat comes complete with:
  • Performance sailing kit including small jib and large furling jib, mast beam
  • 4 part mast
  • Jointed oars
  • Boat bag
  • Sailing kit holdall
  • Launching trolley
Stored in doors out of daylight for its life, hardly used and hence why it is as good as new.

All components can be viewed prior to sale.

Also for sale, as new 5HP Honda (BF5A) 4 stroke outboard and fuel tank.  Bought new in 2003 and used maybe a dozen times.  Kept indoors and winterised.

Can be seen running as comes with water hose connection to run.

Full working order and almost brand new.

Pick up in Bristol.

Tinker price £1500 o.n.o.

Outboard price £450 o.n.o.

  Gary Milliner 01
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Gary Milliner 03
Gary Milliner 04
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For Sale
Tinker Super Tramp
Shirley, Croydon.
(ad placed 15/04/2019)
Tinker Super Tramp sail number 7196.  Very, very little use and in outstanding condition.  No leaks and never repaired.
  • Full sailing kit
  • Performance sailing kit (masthead jib, tiller extension, floor beam, kicking strap)
  • 4 piece mast
  • Jointed oars
  • Sailing kit bag
  • Boat bag
All original items included in sale.  Also original (unused) repair kit.

Price £950.

email  John Murphy
Tel: 07812 093536
  John Murphy 01
John Murphy 02
John Murphy 03
John Murphy 04
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John Murphy 06

For Sale
Non-sailing Tinker Foldaway RIB
£550 o.n.o.
(ad placed 06/04/2019)
My husband bought this Tinker dinghy in 2014 second hand.  I don't have the original receipt so I don't know its birthday.  We kept it on our motor boat and used it as a means of transport when we dropped anchor and wanted to explore.  Sadly he passed away and as I was the skippers mate and not the skipper I would be happier if it was used and not kept in my garage.

It has been inspected and I confirm that there are no leaks or punctures.  It is very sound.

It comes with two tarpaulins (one for when it's folded and one for when it's pumped up), oars, and pump.

Please note that it is the non-sailing version of the Foldaway RIB.

Price £550 o.n.o.

  Jacqui Barnett 04
Jacqui Barnett 05
Jacqui Barnett 06
Jacqui Barnett 07

Tinker sailing dinghy
(ad placed 28/01/2019)
Tinker sailing dinghy wanted in good condition.

email  Mark Williams
Mob: 07900 192899

For Sale
Tinker Foldaway RIB
Westleton, Suffolk.
(ad placed 05/10/2018)
Tinker Foldaway RIB with sailing kit.

This is a hardly-used foldable RIB.  It's over ten years old but has been very lightly used and stored under cover.  It appears as new.

It comes with mainsail, jib, rudder, plate, oars, and bag to hold the spars which come in four sections - but not the original pump although a standard Avon pump does the job.

It would make an excellent sailing tender (sadly a bit too big for our current boat) or a useful little craft for introducing young children to dinghy sailing.

Contact Paul or Libby if you want to see more pictures.

From the Tinker website:
  • LOA - 2.75m (9ft)
  • BOA - 1.53m (5ft)
  • Draft - 0.54m (1.9")
  • Weight - 27.75kg
  • Sailing Kit Weight - 14kgs
  • Folded Dimensions - 1 x 0.89 x 0.56
  • Air Chambers - 3
  • Max Outboard HP - 4hp
  • Mast Height - 4.6m
  • Sail Area 5.5 sq.m

Price £1400 o.n.o.

email  Paul Heiney
Paul: 07799 621929
Libby: 07979 524903
  Paul Heiney 01  

Mast Beam for Tinker Tramp
Sedgefield, County Durham.
(ad placed 01/10/2018)
Wanted, mast beam for a Tinker Tramp.
email  John Paling
Tel: 07971 106859

For Sale
Tinker Funsail
£1200 o.v.n.o.
Rugby, Warwickshire.
(ad update 13/05/2018)
Tinker Funsail, sail number 6362, year of manufacture 1998.  Hardly used.  Excellent condition with improvements.  Will take 5hp outboard.

Price £1200 o.v.n.o.  Buyer collects from Rugby.

email  Bill Dyer
Tel: 07957 077255
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