What happens when you overinflate a Tinker?

Kim Klaka from Australia reports . . .
I thought your members might be interested to hear and see what happened to my Tinker Tramp TR 5973.  I bought it in 1996 and it did us proud, until a year ago.  It was getting a bit tired so I took it to a local company claiming to be experts in inflatable repairs.  They agreed to overhaul it but a week later I got a 'phone call from them advising they had accidentally destroyed my wonderful Tinker.  They overinflated one of the inner tubes (to 60psi I was told!), causing not only the inner tube to explode but also the outer one.  The operator was thrown against the wooden transom, breaking both it and his thumb in the process.  The boat is beyond economical repair (confirmed by two independent repairers) so I am removing all items that may of use to others, and sadly the boat itself is going in the bin.

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